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Course Teacher Training Fees

Training the Teachers Course Training Fees

Each course and its genre will have a certain course fee and certain length of time to teach the teacher. Some are easier to learn than others and this will be reflected within the teacher training fee. 

For instance "Angel Harmonic Healing" is very in depth and that is a three day training course and a small  spiritual masterclass like "Dowsing"  would be just one day. 

Membership to Beacon of Light Satellite Schools

Beacon of Light ~ Satellite Schools ~ Membership fee

A yearly membership fee is payment of £145 which will be invoiced once a year.

This will give you access to each course updated training pdfs etc. and all you would need to teach the course. Obviously you will need to find certain materials etc.

All details will be covered at each training course.

PDFs will include: Course Manuals, Meditation Scripts, Exercises, Certificates, Enrolment Forms, Homecare Sheets, Client Consultation Forms and anything else relative to that course.

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Healing Waters ~The Hub

Healing Waters ~The Hub

Everything will be linked back to HWA central hub, for updates to courses and general membership 

Contact me for details of training courses