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Frequently asked questions

Here we have a list of the most asked questions.

Q. What is a Beacons of Light Satellite School?
A. "Like beacons of spiritual light of leylines on the earth"
BOLSS's are a spiritual networks of lightworkers, all linked back to the central hub of HWA. Each SS will be an approved school of HWA courses and masterclasses.  There are a variety of training modules that you can take to develop your own Satellite School.

We have been asked over many years if we can travel to different venues to teach our wide range of courses we have on offer. At long last we now can offer the facility to "Teach the Teachers" some of our courses and masterclasses which have been developed and nurtured here at HWA. 

These bespoke and channelled courses could only be taught from here in the past. But NOW is the time to widen the circle... to ignite Beacons of Light across the globe. 

Q. How can I begin to teach some of HWA Courses and Workshops?
A. Depending on the course you would like to teach,
a) You will need to attend a full course as a student 
or either
b) attend a training and teaching day workshop / course
When each course is available in the BOLSS diary it will state whether you need to have taken the course as a student first.

Q. Do I have to take the course first as a student before I can take the course to teach?
A. In some cases yes, such as The Angel Harmonic Healing or The Ener-qi Aura Massage you will need to take the course first. Workshops and Masterclasses such as The Joy of Crystals this can be taught as a stand alone SS Masterclass/ Workshop. 

Q. So, do we go into business together?
A. No, it is your business, it will be your own. However, we will be here to hold your hand for the first few months if you require it.

Q. How much is the training per course?
A. This varies on the type of course you wish to take. Some courses like Crystal Vibrational Healing for instance will take longer to learn as compared to say The Bead and the Prayer Masterclass. The prices will be stated on the BOLSS diary.

Q. Where do I train, and how do I book?
A. You will train here at HWA HQ, Worcester. You will book via emailing HWA as courses will not be shown on the HWA Diary of Events. There will be a BOLSS diary to what's available when in our Teacher Training Programme section of this site.

Q. Will the BOLSS courses be held on weekdays or weekends?
A. The BOLSS training courses will be held on both weekdays and weekends.

Q. Do I need to gain a teacher training certificate like PTLLS?
A. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS Teacher Training). For your own insurance you will eventually need to gain this diploma.  You do not need one to take the SS courses. (we do not teach this course, however it can be gained online or through your local college)

Q. Do I need Public Liability Insurance?
A. To become a member of BOLSS, yes, you will also need to provide a copy of your public liability insurance. HWA has a block insurance scheme with Balens Insurance (However, you do not obviously have to be insured through Balens, this is just a service that HWA provides)

Q. What is the membership fee and what do I get as part of the Satellite School Programme?
A. To become a member of BOLSS your yearly membership is £145.
You will get membership, a certificate of recognition and access to updates to the courses you have trained for. 
This also gives you full access to all course literature, manuals, and meditation scripts and exercises for the course(s) you have training in. All course literature remains the property of HWA and BOLSS

(PDFs will include: Course Manuals, Meditation Scripts, Exercises, Certificates, Enrolment Forms, Homecare Sheets, Client Consultation Forms and anything else relative to that course)

Q. Do you post printed student manuals for the courses I wish to teach?
A. No. You will be sent pdf's of all the course literature, you will need to print these yourself.

Q. Will all of HWA Courses and Workshops be available for me to teach ?
A. Most of HWA courses will eventually be available to teach.

Q. What courses are available now to teach?
A. Here is a link to the courses available to teach at the moment. This list is growing so please bear with us.

Q. What if I decide that I now longer wish to be a member, what happens to the courses I have training for?
A. Your membership and recondition will be void, all access to the course literature will be void and as the courses remain the property of HWA then you will not be allowed to teach them.

Q. Do I have to renew every year?
A. Yes, to be able to teach any of the HWA/BOLSS courses and workshops you will need to renew your membership every year.

Q. How do I access the course literature that I have trained for?
A. Due to the many courses that will be available, these will not be available for instant download as that would involve many ,many links and pages on the site.  You will simply need to email HWA and we will send you a link or pdfs to that individual course. 

Q. What does the BOLSS Certificate actually mean?
A. It signifies that you are an approved Satellite School of HWA Courses, that you have taken the HWA courses and passed the criteria needed to teach that particular course. Also that you have provided HWA with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance. 

Q. What if I decide to not renew my membership and carry on teaching the courses?
A. Then you will be in breach of your contract. All course literature remains the property of Jennifer Garrington / Healing Waters Academy/ Beacons of Light Satellite Schools. This will be viewed as a very serious matter and legal proceedings will occur. Legal action will be taken against you for breach of contract.

Please Note:
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All aspects of course work, treatments, routines, methods, meditations and techniques are copyright.


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