Beacons of Light 

Healing Waters Academy 
Satellite Schools of Healing, Holistics, Meditation 
and Spiritual Development

Teach The Teachers ~ Beacons of Light

99% of the courses, workshops and masterclasses you find at HWA have all been developed here at Healing Waters and you won't find them any where else!

They were only available to teach after approval or acting on behalf of HWA, but now we are opening up the borders, as we need to spread the light. To help you to "Shine your Light" into the world.

So after you have taken the initial course here at HWA you can, when you are ready, come back and learn how to teach that particular course, some are easier than others so the training and fees will be obviously less. 

The Healing Arts Training Courses
All of the courses have been developed or improved by HWA

Angel Harmonic Healing (HWA)

Spiritual, Psychic and Intuitive Development Training Courses, workshops and  Masterclasses 

The Academy also offers professional and enjoyable self development courses and masterclasses for the following: 

Breath of Life Teacher Training Meditation Course

Split down into modules as a teacher training course

Developing your own Spiritial, Blessing or Healing Circles

How to:

  • Open and close a circle
  • Grounding and protection
  • How to write a journey and how to read it 
  • What tools you will need to build along the way
  • How to meditate
  • Psychic and energy exercises
  • Tips and Techniques to keep your circles fresh